Arm Circles Exercise

Arm Circles Exercise

Arm Circles Directions:

Step 1: Begin with your feet at shoulder width, toes pointed forward, and arms by your sides.

Step 2: Inhale, loosely fist your left hand, and slowly raise your arm out (Figure 107).

Step 3: You will continue inhaling until your arm has reached overhead your body (Figure 108).

Step 4: You will begin to exhale as the arm circles in a 360 degree circle to the rear and back to your beginning position (Figures 109 and 110).

Step 5: You should perform six to ten repetitions with the left arm.

Step 6: Now, reverse the movement direction and perform six to ten repetitions .

Step 7: Repeat steps one through six for the right arm.

Key Points:

* don’t neglect your breathing - inhale with the arm rising and exhaling as the arm lowers
* as you go about the arm circles, you should pretend that the arm is moving through a resistance, like it does while swimming
* your elbows should be slightly bent and relaxed
* the muscles in your neck should be relaxed
* as you raise your arm, you should try to keep your shoulder from raising with it
* your eyes should look forward during the exercise