Arm Extension Exercise

Arm Extension Exercise


Step 1: Begin by standing in a horse riding posture - your legs will be positioned slightly wider apart than your shoulder width, your toes will be pointed straight ahead, and your knees will be slightly bent. Now, you will bend from the hip like you are about to sit down on a stool. Your hands are fisted, palm up, and at rib-level.

Step 2: You will watch your left fist as you extend it out, while slowly turning it palm down as it reaches chest level. At this point, you should be able to draw an imaginary line from your nose to fist (Figure 180).

Step 3: As you circle your left palm back upward and return it to your hip, you will shift your eyes to your right fist. You will also concurrently extend it outward and gradually turn the palm down. In other words, as one arm is coming back to the body, the other will be moving away from the body (Figure 181).

Step 4: Continue to alternate right and left arm extensions for ten to fifteen times.


* widen the eyes as you stare deeply at your fist

* remember to breathe naturally

* you should try to maintain the same speed with each arm so that they each reach a final position at the same time