Arms In And Out Exercise

Arms In And Out Exercise

Arms In And Out Directions:

Step 1: Begin by standing with your feet at shoulder width and with your toes pointed straight forward. Your arms should be raised to shoulder height. Your fingers should point forward. Your palms should face downward (Figure 104).

Step 2: You should inhale as you concurrently move your arms further apart and turn the palms upward. This motion should continue until your arms are pointed outward from the sides of your body and your palms are fully upward facing (Figures 105 and 106).

Step 3: Exhale.

Step 4: As you continue to exhale, you will now slowly and concurrently move your arms closer together again and turn the palms downward. You will finish the movement back at your starting position (Figure 104)

Step 5: You may continue the arms in and out exercise eight to ten more times.

Key Points:

* your shoulders should be relaxed during the movements
* you should sense that the outward movement is initiated from the mid-back and the inward movement is initiated from mid-chest.
* your breathing should be coordinated with each movement. For example, as you initiate an inhalation, you will begin to move the arms outward and as you’ve completely inhaled, your arms should be at the end of the movement.