Arms Outward Exercise

Arms Outward Exercise


Step 1: Begin by standing in a horse riding posture - your legs will be positioned slightly wider apart than your shoulder width, your knees will be slightly bent, and your toes will be pointed straight ahead. Now, you will bend from the hip like you’re about to sit down on a stool.

Step 2: Raise your arms; your left arm will be bent with the elbow down and palm facing toward the side. Extend the left forefinger, while also widening the space between the finger and thumb. Meanwhile, the right palm will face the chest and the fingertips will be positioned as if grasping a bowstring. (Figure 150).

Step 3: Inhale.

Step 4: Exhale upon slowly extending your left arm outward toward your side as though you’re drawing a bow (Figure 151).

Step 5: Allow your shoulder blades to move toward one another and separate the arms.

Step 6: Inhale and fluidly shift your arms to the opposite side (Figure 152).

Step 7. Exhale and now extend your right arm outward in the same bow-like motion (Figure 153).

Step 8: You can repeat the arm extensions on each side for eight to ten times, alternating sides.


* to extend your arms, bring your shoulder blades together

* keep your hands and arms fairly lose, without excess tension