Body Circle Exercise

Body Circle Exercise


Step 1: Begin by standing in a horse riding posture - your legs will be positioned slightly wider apart than your shoulder width, your toes will be pointed straight ahead, and your knees will be slightly bent. Now, you will bend from the hip like you are about to sit down on a stool. Each hand will be placed on the crease of each side of the hip. Your thumbs should be outwardly facing (Figure 162).

Step 2: As you exhale lean your body rightward and extend the left arm (Figure 163).

Step 3: Maintain the exhalation as you make a right to left circle with your body (Figure 164).

Step 4: As you lean the body leftward and the right arm straightens, inhale (Figure 165).

Step 5: You will continue inhaling as you drop your tailbone and straighten your body until it returns to the starting position (Figure 162).

Step 6: Continuing circling the body rightward and leftward for eight to ten times.


* take your time and make slow fluid movements, while keeping the upper body as relaxed as possible

* remember to inhale and exhale, never holding your breath