Body Twist Exercise

Body Twist Exercise


Step 1: You will begin by standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Your knees should be slightly bent, your toes should point straight ahead, and your elbows should be bent from hip level so that the palms face downward (Figure 159).

Step 2: You will turn the body left, as if to look over your left shoulder, and simultaneously inhale.

Step 3: You will extend your right leg by pressing from the foot sole so that weight is now shifted toward the left leg. As the body turns, use the motion to arc your hands around you so that your left hand is facing outwardly at buttock level and your right hand is facing outwardly at head height (Figure 160).

Step 4: As you return to the starting position, exhale.

Step 5: From the starting position, you will repeat Steps 2 through 4 for the opposite side (Figure 161).

Step 6: Continue alternating sides for six to eight repetitions.


* allow the waist to drive the motion as your arms arc around your body

* maintain a relaxed neck

* you can initiate the turning movement by shifting weight as the leg is slowly extended