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After 36 years of running, I've been hobbled for over a year by knee pain. With mileage, speed and fun drastically cut and all standard remedies exhausted, I stumbled onto Sinew products through an ad in Runners World. With rather low expectations I placed my order. I received my Sinew Sports Massage Oil and Chronic Sinew Liniment Friday and what I want you to know is simple: These products are bottled miracles. Two applications and two pain free runs later I'm as good as new. Anything that will do that for a 73 year old runner has to be a miracle.  - Bert C., AL



If I could get back all of the money that I have given to 2 Chiropractors, 1 swindling hip specialist (who told me that I definitely needed Hip replacement surgery) and 4 weeks of physical therapy that only lasted till I left the building, I would buy $1325.00 worth of Chronic Sinew and pass it out to my friends who are in pain or I would invest that money back into this company. As a result of a slip and fall 2 years ago, my right hip and leg have caused me constant resting and walking pain stemming from a pinched piriformis muscle. After 1 day of using the Chronic Sinew I noticed that my hip and leg pain were subsiding, I am on the 6th day of using the Chronic Sinew and my resting pain has completely subsided and I am now able to walk without grimacing after each step but still slight discomfort. I will continue to use this liniment on my hip and leg till all of the discomfort is gone. So glad that I stumbled onto this site. Sincerely, Cassandra - Cassandra B., TX



I got all three items last week and started using them right from the box. I've tried other liniments but WOW yours started to help heal two tendons and a small tear in my shoulder after three days ....3 app.'s per day. My lifting workout was only reduced by 10% while the healing is taking place. I still work the same areas affected just reducing the weight or reps by the 10%. Truly wonderful products. - John W., CT



I ordered the Chronic Liniment and Sinew Poultice in hopes of decreasing the pain from a torn meniscus and ACL sprain. Within 2 days of using both products, my injury has improved dramatically! The pain and tightness is gone and I feel like surgery might not be necessary. These products are nothing less than amazing and trust me I tried everything under the sun. - Lori R., PA



I was suffering with metatarsalgia for well over 3 weeks when I found your website touting relief for my pain. I am a proponent of herbs and decided to purchase your Acute Sinew Liniment. Within the first few days I noticed a difference as my pain was subsiding. At the end of the week I was virtually pain free. I'm sorry I waited so long. Great product and great customer service. Thank you. - Meryl G., NV



My hands get achy from playing the piano and typing too much. I put the Sinew Injury Poultice on every night, and it keeps the injury away! - Evan P., CO



I had De quervain tendonitis in my left thumb and wrist area which was extremely painful. After consistent application of the chronic sinew liniment for a few months, the pain resolved. This is an effective product and I highly recommend it. - Tan B., Singapore



Got acute sinew liniment for flareup of knee osteoarthritis and helped then got the herbal ice and left on for several hours to overnight then several days in a row and considerable pain relief. The herbal ice also brought the pain of neck osteoarthritis down from an 8 to a 5 within a half hour! The herbal ice is 200% or more stronger and much longer lasting than ice or cold packs. - Alan L., VA



Thank you for the great products. LOVE the massage oil. - Carolyn V., CA



I read of the product in Trail Runner magazine last summer. Ironically I was dealing with a posterior tendonitis issue which would not clear up. I went to PT, used dry needling and multiple other treatment modalities none of which worked until the Sinew Therapy arrived. Within 2-3 days the pain was greatly decreased to the point I could begin various exercises to strengthen including various forms of calf raises. Within a week I was able to begin easy walk / running and a week later returned to easy running before ramping up training load in the following weeks. Great product and I'll ensure not to let the bottle run dry before reordering next time. - Rick B., MI



Am writing to say received two of your products for my nephew after he received a fractured shoulder injury after having a motocross ride crash. getting ready for speedway season of racing, & came across your products in muscle development mag. so read more into products on website, impressed with what is said on your products got a balm & liniment to help with jakes healing of fracture. when I dropped these products to jake he had very limited movement as only a week and 2 days had passed & doctors stressed it would be 6-8 weeks before speedway bike racing would resume. jake instantly applied sinew that night with gauze taped in place & told me the next day how much different everything in the shoulder felt the next day he was amazed! he has since (everyday) applied balm & liniment to fracture and been back for regular doctors visits to check the healing & they seem amazed at how quick his movement has come up in the shoulder, & will make the second speedway meeting ( missed 1st from injury) on November, so from jake & myself thank you so much for great products that really make a difference & have just ordered some for my training, thanks again sinew. - Anthony D., New Zealand



Iíve lived in extreme Chronic Lower Back & Hip Pain since 2008, Iíve been on every pain medication, Iíve had pain blocker shots, My nerve endings burned, Iíve had Shots in both my SI Joint that did not work. All I wanted was my Active Life Back Majority Of my life was spent in bed because the pain was unbearable. I told my Drís please get to the root of my problem but all they did was stick me with stronger medicine so I Prayed and ask God to please heal me. So in 2017 I heard his voice say get on Chinese Herbal Medicine so I started looking but could not find any but in February I saw Sinews Ad on YouTube. I clicked on the site and immediately I ordered the Acute one and on February 8, 2018 I started using the Sinew therapeutic product and my life hasnít been the same. I havenít taken any pain medicine. I donít hurt anymore my muscles are still a little sore but Iíve notice thatís its getting better day by day. This product is so amazing I have my husband, my mother, my best friend and a few of my church members are using it also. Now I feel like a new person. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. - Alicia N., CA



I am so happy to have come across Sinew Therapeutics and their wonderful line of products. They have educational videos on You Tube that are very beneficial. That is how I learned about this health and wellness company. The customer service is excellent, courteous and knowledgeable which makes it a pleasure to do business with Sinew. Thank you for all your help. - Bea M., CA



I love the Sports Massage Oil and Herbal Ice. Solid products! I'm a marathon runner, I've completed my 19th in Oct 2016 and these products helped me through my training along with floating and massage. I have my massage therapist use the massage oil on really sore areas. thank you Sinew for products that actually work! Loyal customer - Kim C., OH



I'm very pleased to report that the Chronic Sinew Liniment has brought pain relief and an increase in the function of my ligament damaged wrist. As you've advertised my pain and stiffness was significantly reduced and within 24 hours of my first application. I received the ordered product via USPS within a couple days and promptly applied it. I played a round of golf on a championship level course the following afternoon and scored 77! No flinching with pain at impact and much improved grip feel and strength. So until my scheduled reconstructive surgery, I look forward to playing regularly. I've even begun to second guess the orthopedic doctors determination that my "ligament damaged wrist will not heal and that surgery is my only option to regain full and uninhibited use of my wrist. That the pain and stiffness will only continue to progress until I will have to have it fused" Both my wrists are damaged, but the left to a greater degree - to the point where it was #7 pain with normal use. A full length hand and wrist lace and bar wrist brace brought great comfort (able to sleep and drive) but restricted my ability to do anything (sports) that required use of my hands (golf - tennis - basketball - baseball .....)

I must also add that (as a former Army Medic) I've employed what I believe a much more functional way to apply the liniment to my wrist and to be free to perform my athletic activities/sports. I applied the liniment directly onto 'Curad 2'x3' non-stick pads w/adhesive tabs - linked 3 pads and applied them around my wrist. I then placed a 2'x10' strip of KT elastic sports tape (not too tightly) over the liniment infused non-stick pads to secure them. When I'm not playing sports I secure/cover the infused pads with a lightly applied lightweight neoprene/fabric thumb hooked velcro secured wrist brace. Almost certain that I will be ordering another bottle of Chronic Sinew Liniment before too long. Thank You. - Richard M. C., RI


TESTIMONIAL UPDATE: My second bottle of Chronic SINEW liniment has arrived and I must say that it's keeping me in the game. Golf is no longer a painful experience. My wrist with 'interrupted ligaments' is more than bearable - no where near the painfully stiff condition prior to my finding SINEW Chronic Liniment. Finding a surgeon who is capable to repair it is still ongoing. Please see attached photo of my method of applying the liniment along with a measure of support for my wrist. Infused Nonstick pads secured (not tightly) with KT tape and flexible-breathable tape. - Richard M. C., RI




I tore the medial collateral ligament in my knee when I was playing basketball. It hurt for weeks. Luckily my friend Sarah told me about this site becaue she had used their products for her carpal tunnel. I felt inflammation in my knee so I used the Sinew Herbal Ice and it did get the inflammation out. I then used the Acute Sinew Liniment and rubbed it in several times a day. It really helped. The pain went away and the flexibility in my knee finally returned. - Mark S., USA



I so appreciate these products, they have helped me recover from several different skating injuries the last few years! - Mary K., CA



Writing again to say I love the products,used for multiple injuries. - Mary, K., CA



The products (sinew liniment) have done wonderful healing for my husband (still in the process of getting better) and I must say even for my dog! I asked my husband if I should try it on my boy dog (European Staffordshire mixed breed) and he said yes. I tried on the dog's front wrist several times for a week. . .we noticed a huge improvement in his walking. Before we had to restrict his daily walking to a minimum of 20 minutes at a very slow pace. Now he can join his sister dog by walking an average of an hour twice a day. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we spent two long days of hiking and the boy dog did fantastic. The next day he was back to walking without so much limping. Occasionally he would limp but it does not stop him from enjoying his daily walks because of your great quality products!! - Joyce W., NM



I get bruises and contusions regularly through practicing martial arts. I always use the Acute Sinew Liniment on them and it works every time. - Alex M., NY



Words cannot ever describe how grateful I am for finding Sinew Therapeutics! Iím not going to go into detail as to my ailment other than to say it was advice is get these products!!!! They are truly miracles! - P.W., CT



When I was tubing behind a motorboat I injured my knee. My knee became swollen, painful and difficult to bend. I applied the Sinew Herbal Ice for two days and it reduced the swelling so well that I was able to bend and straighten my knee almost completely. I then did strengthening exercises and used the Acute Sinew Liniment on my knee. By the end of the week I was walking normally. Great products, thanks a lot. - Brock H., Florida



I have chronic tennis elbow and I had tried ice, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatories, to no avail. I used the Chronic Sinew Liniment, massaging it into my elbow and have since been pain free. - Franklin M., PA



I seem to sprain my ankle often and after each sprain it feels weaker and weaker. While hiking, my foot landed on the side of a rock and my ankle rolled to the side. The pain went away quickly, but over the following five months my ankle became weaker and very stiff. It seemed like it would hurt, then feel better for a few weeks, and then became irritated again. I used the Sinew Relaxing Soak hoping that it would relax the tendons and ligaments in ankle since they felt so stiff. I used the soak two times a day for two weeks and regained full mobility in my ankle. But it was still sensitive to the cold and occasionally felt sore. I then used the Sinew Warming Soak for a few weeks and the pain disappeared. My ankle felt like it was gaining its strength again. Thank you Sinew Therapeutics. Your products healed my sprained ankle and I will use your products again. - Melba C., VA



My Achilles tendon was inflamed and swollen. The tendon looked red and was hot to the touch. My ankle felt stiff and I hardly had any range of motion. I could even hear a crackling sound when I flexed and extended my foot and ankle. I used the Sinew Herbal Ice for about one and half days. This took away the swelling and redness but I still had limited range of motion. So then I used the Acute Sinew liniment and massaged it in on my Achilles tendon, the back of my knee and my calf. After just a few days the pain was much less and I was beginning to flex my foot. I continued using the liniment several times a day and after a few weeks I had complete range of motion with my ankle. Many thanks. I’m so glad I used your products. - Shannon M., Oregon



I experienced knee pain when I exercised or climbed the stairs. My lower back and hamstrings were very tight and inflexible, which prevented me from using my leg muscles properly. This really caused my knee joint to take a lot of strain. I used the Sinew Massage Oil and did the strengthening exercises you recommended. I’m happy to report that my knee pain disappeared within a few weeks. Thank you for showing me the exercises to use and for the massage oil that really made a difference. I will continue to use it before and after exercise to keep my muscles in good working order. - Grace K., Great Britain



Been suffering from chronic back pain for years. It’s a terrible thing. I tried the Chronic Sinew Liniment and Sinew Warming Soak as recommended by soaking towels in it and then put them on my back. Wow, I must say that I can’t remember the last time I felt pain free. I regularly use the liniment whenever I begin to feel the pain and it immediately alleviates the pain. - Tony D., PA



I sprained my ankle while playing beach volleyball. My ankle was sprained really bad with a lot of swelling. I wasn’t even able to flex my ankle. I used your ask the experts service and a practitioner recommended I use the Sinew Herbal Ice to get the swelling and inflammation down, and it did work great. Within just two days of using it, the swelling was down and my ankle looked almost normal with only a slight residual swelling. But it was still difficult to bend. I asked your expert service again and they then recommended I use the Acute Sinew Liniment several times a day, and to soak my ankle with the Sinew Relaxing Soak twice a day for two weeks. I did as was told and after two weeks of this treatment, I was able to perform range of motion exercises and regained much of my mobility. I am positive that without that treatment plan, my sprained ankle would have taken several weeks, or even months to heal. Thank you to your service for giving me a great treatment plan. Your products did wonders for me. - Samantha C., USA



I had muscle weakness in my upper back for a few years due to an injury. The pain was along my ribs as well as my back. The chronic sinew liniment and sinew relaxing soak worked wonders. Really helped my pain and my muscles feel much stronger now. Thank you. - Aiden N., NY



My heel spur caused deep discomfort under my heel when walking or running. I love running and this made it very difficult for me to run or do any weight-bearing activities. My heel often looked red and felt a feeling of heat around it. I used the Sinew Herbal Ice and the Acute Sinew Liniment as recommended in your treatment plan. That took away the redness and the pain. I also soaked my foot with your Sinew Relaxing Soak to relieve some of the stiffness I felt in my foot and around my heel. The soak really felt good and relaxed my foot muscles. I'm very pleased with the results I experienced with your products. - Chrissie W., NJ



Hi There, I'm Yanni from San Ramon, CA. I was doing leg presses at 24 HR Fitness in Pleasanton just recently and ended up hurting my left knee badly. I came across this website on the net and tried one of their products. It took only about three applications before I started feeling better. I'm now back at the Gym 4 times a week and my knee is just fine. I'm glad there's something out there that helps with body injuries. Cheers! - Yanni, San Ramon, CA



I have been using your products for an injury and they are amazing. Thank you. - Raymond E., Texas



I injured my shoulder some years ago and it never seemed to heal right. I eventually developed bursitis in my shoulder and felt pain when lifting my arm. I initially used the sinew herbal ice since I felt inflammation, and that immediately rid the swelling. Then used the acute sinew liniment and the pain got significantly less. Now I only occasionally feel pain when I overuse my shoulder. But then I use the liniment which takes the pain away again. Great stuff! - Jeremy R., NY



Being at my computer all day typing has unfortunately brought on carpal tunnel. The pain and weakness in my wrist was terrible with the pain going down the center of my forearm into the palm and fingers. The doctor said to rest it and use a brace that helped initially, but the overuse did not help the pain. I spoke to one of your practitioners who advised me on the products to use and they really helped. Since I can’t stop typing due to my job, I use the liniment regularly to help keep the pain away and that has been a lifesaver for me. Thanks - Cheryl S., California



I sprained my wrist playing racquetball and used your products as directed on your website. They definitely got the swelling down and relieved the pain. My wrist was back to normal within just a few days. I’m very pleased with the results and will use your products again as needed. - Timothy W., USA



Sprained my ankle in a marathon I ran and it took a long time to heal. I guess it didn’t heal good because even after the swelling was gone I still had pain in my ankle for quite some time. I used the Chronic Sinew Liniment and your Sinew Relaxing Soak as directed and have been pain free since then. Once in awhile I feel a little pain after long periods of running and then I use the liniment which gets rid of the pain quickly. Thank you, good products. - Rachael S., US



After a running injury, I developed Achilles tendonitis and it has plagued me for awhile now. I’ve tried so many things to heal it with mostly disappointment. I saw your ad in a fitness magazine and thought I’d give your products a try, and I'm very glad I did. Incredible results finally! The relief of the pain and the healing I have felt in my tendon is like nothing I have experienced since dealing with this problem. I want to thank you for your products and the great service you provide. I will be a repeat customer for sure. - Hugo T., FL



While walking out of the bank to my car, I didn't notice the curb. My foot rolled right over the curb and I sprained my ankle really bad. I did the usual rice method of treatment my doctor told me to do, but it seemed like it was taking a really long time to heal. After 3 months of continual pain and mild swelling I did extensive research online to find something to help me. Almost every site I came across gave the same information, which was to do the RICE treatment. Well, this was not effective at all for me. I finally came across Sinew Therapeutics and boy oh boy was that a saver for me. I read all the information they provide about a sprained ankle. I found their information to be very informative and decided to try the products recommended. Honestly, it worked like a charm. Within days I noticed a remarkable difference. The pain and swelling was gone, finally. If only I had known about their products when I first sprained my ankle, I would have recovered in much less time than it had taken. I lost so many weeks of exercise and activity. At least now I know where to go in the event of any future injuries. - Judy P., CA

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