Overhead Stretch Exercise

Overhead Stretch Exercise


Step 1: Begin by making sure your feet are spaced shoulder width apart, toes are pointing straight forward, and your arms are at your side.

Step 2: Slightly bend your knees.

Step 3: Inhale.

Step 4: As you raise your arms up to come overhead, your fingertips should point toward one another (Figures 147 and 148).

Step 5: Remain inhaling as your hands press upward like you’re lifting something to a high shelf above your head, continuing until both arms are extended fully overhead. As this motion is carried out, you will concurrently extend your knees and hips for the leg strength to transmit through the palms of the hands. (Figure 149).

Step 6: As you slowly bend your knees and arms to return to the position in Figure 147, you will exhale. Continue this motion and exhalation until you’ve fully returned to the starting position.

Step 7: You can repeat the overhead stretch for eight to ten times.


* make sure that you keep your shoulders relaxed as you thrust your arms overhead

* make sure that you’re utilizing leg strength to reach out your arms