What Is Chinese Sports Medicine?

What Is Chinese Sports Medicine?

Unfortunately, there are many Westerners in the medical field that still hold the misconceptions that Chinese medicine is either some mystically exotic Eastern based philosophy that has little, if any, applicable value to the field of medicine as they know it -or- is merely some collection of folk remedies that occasionally produce enigmatic medical results. For the lay, Chinese medicine is often thought to be a perplexing set of practices based more on poetic imagery of the human body than science.

De Duve, a former Nobel Prize winner and internationally acclaimed biochemist and cytologist, once described science as based on experiment and observation that’s guided by reason. He went on to say that it was this combination that distinguished science from other paths to knowledge. “Science” isn’t exactly a word that Westerners, lay or trained, normally associate with Chinese medicine. However, Chinese medicine is indeed a science.

Chinese medicine is based upon observation, specifically an acute observation of the natural world and the human place in this world. Don't let the term "observation" lead you astray. Chinese medicine isn’t the observation of one person or the observation of some cult with an alike agenda to believe. It isn’t observations made over a few months, years, or even centuries. Instead, the observations related to Chinese medicine have been made over the course of over 2 millenniums and is based on extensive scholarship, debate, research, and the mass practical experiences of millions of humans. The bottom line is that, when looked at with an open mind and given a chance, the elegance, sophistication, and clinical effectiveness of Chinese medicine unequivocally refutes the misnomer adjectives and misconceptions mentioned in the first paragraph. Seeing truly is believing.

One area of Chinese medicine that is exceptionally effective is Chinese sports medicine. In the past, language barriers, convoluted instruction, and so forth have prevented many people from utilizing this very effective practice for their sport-related injuries and ailments. Sinew Therapeutics has made it a number one priority to offer precise, simple to understand, and practical information on how to use Chinese sports medicine to treat a sports-related injury. We help you the moment an injury occurs all the way until you're able to resume normal play. Our overall goal is to provide all the necessary information, knowledge, and understanding that you’ll need to apply the medicine and get back to your normal life.

Just as in Western medicine, Chinese medicine operates under the premise that the right treatment at the right time makes the biggest difference in recovery. This is especially true in sport-related injuries since the urge to play can cause a minor injury to spiral into a serious and/or chronic medical problem. Receiving early and correct treatment using Chinese medicine can prevent sport-related injuries from spiraling out of control.

In fact, it was from watching the multitude of athletes, workers, and weekend warriors suffering with their injury as they sat in the waiting room of a doctor, when we knew none of it would be necessary if they had only treated their injury promptly and correctly when it occurred, that prompted our company Sinew Therapeutics into existence. We wanted to make Chinese sports medicine accessible and understandable so that the injured could resume their sports and activities as soon as possible.

Remember, one of the most critical tests that any entity, practice, or belief must undergo is the test of time. The roots of Chinese medicine date back thousands of years and have withstood this critical test of time. It is the feats of the past Chinese warriors and the treatment of their battle injuries that gives remembrance of the immense accumulated knowledge and experience standing behind and breathing life into the art of Chinese medicine. And Sinew Therapeutics is putting all that right into your hands.