Arm Raise Exercise

Arm Raise Exercise


Step 1: Begin by standing with your knees slightly bent, your feet shoulder width apart, your toes pointed straight ahead, and your arms positioned at your sides.

Step 2: Inhale as you raise your right hand up, leaning until the palm of your hand is facing the ceiling. As this motion takes place, allow your left palm to fall palm down to the front of your left leg (Figure 154).

Step 3: While you continue to inhale, you will concurrently be pressing the right palm of your hand upward and the left palm of your hand downward. This should be done while extending the legs for their strength to be transmitted into your hands (Figure 155).

Step 4: Exhale as you bend your arms to sweep them in front of your body so that your right palm turns to face downward and your left palm turns to face upward (Figure 156).

Step 5: You will inhale as your hands pass each other during the Step 4 movement, and you will continue inhaling until the left upward facing palm reaches the overhead position and the right downward facing palm reaches the front of the right leg (Figure 157).

Step 6: As you’re pressing your right palm downward and your left palm upward, you’ll extend your legs for the leg strength to be transmitted into the hands (Figure 158).

Step 7: You can repeat the arm raises eight to ten times for each side, alternating right to left.


* coordinate your movements and breathing

* you should feel your back muscles being pulled in opposite directions during the arm raises