Baby Steps Exercise

Baby Steps Exercise

The Baby Steps exercise is a vital component of many leg injury rehabilitation plans. It should be done as inflammation begins to subside.


You’ll begin taking steps as slowly as you can; one single step should take about one minute to complete.


The rear of the foot should be lifted all at once by using the inside of the hip joint. If performed correctly, a person behind you shouldn’t be able to see your heel rise (Figure 185).


With the sole of your foot barely off the floor, slowly and gradually bring your foot forward (Figure 186). As your foot departs from the floor, be aware of your balance. You don’t want to lean to one side or another or allow your supporting leg to shake. Your head and hips should be centered and facing straight ahead.


You may now very lightly set the entire sole of your foot down on the floor (Figure 187).


Follow the same steps with your other leg, taking a total of four to six steps with each leg.


The Baby Steps exercise can be done twice per day until the injury has completely healed and you’re able to restart your normal activities of daily living.