Body Incline Exercise

Body Incline Exercise


Step 1: Begin with your feet poisoned shoulder width apart, toes pointed straight ahead, hands with palm up on the lower ribs, elbows in a 90 degree bend, and fingers pointed forward.

Step 2: Pick your right foot up and step into a lunge position, maintaining hand, fingers, and elbow positioning in Step 1 (Figure 174).

Step 3: Inhale.

Step 4: Exhale while you press your palms forward and slowly turn the palms toward one another. You will also be pressing off your left leg, while inclining your body forward. As you obtain full extension, your fingers will point away from your body and your palms will be facing down (Figure 175).

Step 5: Inhale.

Step 6: You will now gradually pull your hands back, turning them palm up and straightening the body in the process. Continue until you’ve returned your body to the beginning position (Figure 174)

Step 7: You may continue the body incline for six to eight times on the right side and six to eight times on the left side.


* your legs should drive your arms extending and circling

* make sure that you keep your shoulders and neck relaxed