Body Pull Exercise

Body Pull Exercise

Body Pull Directions:

Step 1: Begin with your feet at shoulder width and toes pointed straight ahead. Your arms will be extended outwardly from the sides at shoulder height. Your palms are face down.

Step 2: Imagine you’re being pulled by the fingertips on your right hand to extend through these fingertips. You will let your right-side ribs slightly extend away from the body. You should turn your right palm upward and your left backward simultaneously (Figure 123).

Step 3: At this point, you should feel like your arms are a rope that is being pulled taut and twisted at one end. You will feel the pull from your right hand fingertips across the shoulders, down the ribs, and into the left hand fingertips.

Step 4: You will now reverse the body stretching so that your left hand fingers are extended and the left-side ribs are slightly extended away from the body. Your left palm will face upward and your right palm will face backward (Figure 124).

Step 5: Alternating sides, you will repeat the body stretching for six to eight times.

Key Points:

* you should feel the motion pulling you as if you are a twisted rope, but not forcing your joints and muscles into any action
* your shoulders, ribs, and chest should be relaxed during the movement