Carpal Tunnel Massage

Carpal Tunnel Massage

1. Massage the meridians in your arms. Extend and rotate your left arm so that your palm is facing up. Beginning at your shoulder area, you’ll use your right palm to gently make stroking motions down the front of the left arm. Continue the motion all the way to the tips of your fingers (Figure 223). Rotate your left arm so that your palm is now facing down. Still using your right palm, you’ll begin at the tips of your fingers and gently make stroking motions up to where your neck meets your shoulders (Figure 224). Continue the motion eight times. Now, switch arms and repeat the massaging technique eight times.

2. Gently take hold of your forearm muscle with your unaffected hand and then release it, continue the motion from your elbow to your wrist.

3. Depress into the tender areas of the wrist and make small circularly massaging motions.

4. Use a gentle stroking motion, starting at the elbow and extending down to the tips of the fingers.

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