Dislocation Exercises

Dislocation Exercises

 1. The goal is to strengthen the muscles surrounding, stabilizing, and supporting the affected joint. However, exercises will vary as to what particular muscle group is involved. An injury to the shoulder, for example, would involve strengthening exercises aimed at the rotor cuff muscles. In any case, extensive range of motion exercises that require the joint to go through a wide range of motion positioning should be avoided at first.

2. In hip dislocations, the following exercise steps may be followed:

- Begin by sitting down in a chair with your feet placed flat on the floor. You’ll use your knees to press outward in opposition to your hands for ten seconds. Rest for ten seconds before repeating the same motion. You may perform ten repetitions of the exercise at intervals of two to three times per day.

- Perform the Pillow Press Exercise.

- As the hip grows stronger, you may move on to the Baby Steps Exercise.