Groin Massage

Groin Massage

1. You may follow the same technique as described in the Butterfly Stretch to massage the meridians in your legs. You’ll begin by sitting on the floor. Your knees should be bent and the soles of your feet should be placed together. Allow your knees to naturally relax downwardly. Take the palm of your hand and place it on the back of your knee. Begin making long massaging strokes toward the groin area. Repeat the motion for fifteen to twenty times. Then, you’ll slowly rise to a standing position. With your palms facing down, you’ll begin massaging at your hips. You’ll slowly move the massage down the back of your legs to the foot area, From the foot, you’ll move to the inside of your legs and massage up to your abdominal area (Figures 225 and 226). You may repeat the massage technique nine times.

2. Lightly take hold of the groin muscle with your hand and move along the muscle from the knee area to the groin.

3. Use your palm to gently depress into the inner thigh muscle tissue near the inner knee. Now, propel your hand from your knee to your groin area.

4. Muscle attachments in the groin region may be of especial tenderness. If so, you may depress into the tissue, using a circular motion of massage.

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