Low Back Exercises

Low Back Exercises

1. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointed straight forward. Now, step into a lunge position and stretch your hands toward the ceiling. (Figure 189). You’ll feel the deep muscles at the front of your abdomen gently stretching. The point is to stretch the psoas muscle that attaches from the bottom of the T12 thoracic spine and along the L4 lumbar spine. Keep in mind that you must be past the acute phase of injury before attempting this exercise.

2. In injuries involving the sacroiliac area, it may help to strengthen the sacroiliac joint. Keeping the body erect and in good alignment, you’ll slowly begin to walk backwards. Place your weight on your left foot. Now, move your right leg backwards, as if you're stepping back from something, until the ball of your right foot reaches the floor behind you. Slowly shift the weight to your right foot and move your left leg backwards in the same manner as you previously did with your right leg. Continue to alternate right and left steps for ten to twenty times.

3. Also do the following exercises:

Low Back Stretch

Hip Circles

Leg Sway

Body Circle