Neck Tap Exercise

Neck Tap Exercise

Neck Tap Directions:

Step 1: Begin with your feet at shoulder width and your toes straight ahead. Your arms will be by your side.

Step 2: You will bend your right elbow and inhale.

Step 3: Still inhaling, you will make an upward, overhead, and then downward swinging motion with your right hand. The motion will end as the palm of your right hand makes contact with the seventh cervical vertebra (taps it.) Anatomically, this is the large bump found at the base of your neck (Figures 125 and 126).

Step 4: Exhale and allow the arm to gently drop back into the beginning position.

Step 5: Repeat the same swinging motion using the left hand.

Step 6: You may continue alternating left and right neck taps for fifteen to twenty repetitions on each side

Key Points:

* your arm should be loose and relaxed
* rather than using force, let the arms’ weight fall to make contact with the seventh cervical vertebra
* inhale as the arm swings and exhale as the arm drops to the beginning position.
* you should try to keep your shoulder down as the arm swings
* you should have your head erect and your eyes straight ahead during the neck taps