Quadriceps Exercises

Quadriceps Exercises

1. The Low Back Stretch exercise can help you achieve greater flexibility, and therefore help prevent a re-injury from occurring. When your sacrum or back is tight, it causes the quadriceps muscles to lose part of its normal flexibility. Any muscle that lacks flexibility is more apt to suffer an injury. This exercise is especially valuable in injuries to the quadriceps muscles since it helps to release the sacrum and lower back areas and relax and stretch the quadriceps muscle group. To perform the Low Back Stretch, you’ll lay down on the floor in a supine position near a wall. Now, prop your legs up on the wall. This simple, but effective, exercise will gently stretch the quadriceps and release some of the tension you're keeping in the lumbar area of your spine.

2. You may also do leg curls for balanced strengthening. You’ll apply an ankle weight to each of your ankles. It’s best to begin with lighter weight that allows you to do at least 10-14 non-straining leg curls. As your strength improves, you’ll be able to gradually increase the poundage of the ankle weight. Now, lay down in a prone (stomach) position. If a prone position is uncomfortable, then you may alternatively support your weight on your elbows and knees. Either way, you’ll pull your heel toward your back/buttocks by bending the knee. Begin with five repetitions in three sets and perform the leg curls every other day.


3. Also do the following exercises to increase quadriceps strength:

Body Incline

Body Circle