Squats Exercise

Squats Exercise


Step 1: Begin by standing with your feet at shoulder width and your toes pointed straight ahead. Your hands should be extended straight-out in front of the body (Figure 166).

Step 2: As you exhale, you will squat and allow your tailbone to drop downwardly under your body (Figure 167).

Step 3: Rise slowly as you inhale; pay attention that your tailbone remains under the body until you ’re back at the starting position (Figure 168).

Step 4: Continue squatting for six to ten repetitions.


* the key is to make slow movements and keep your tailbone under your body as you squat and rise

* it may be helpful for you to lightly grasp the top of a chair, as this will aid balance and ensure correct form (Figure 169)

* watch that your feet stay flat on the floor and that your knees bend directly over the toes