Wrist Exercises

Wrist Exercises

1. As soon as you can tolerate them, you may begin performing the Arm Rotation, Arm Twists, and Elbow Rotation exercises. Remember, if you’ve suffered a severe sprain or strain, don’t rush into it and risk making your injury worse.


2. You may use your hand to hold a ball in front of your neck (Figure 195). Allow your fingers to evenly spread, making the space between your forefingers and thumbs on each hand widen and feel more relaxed. The middle of your palm should be slightly concaved when cupping the ball. Even though a ball is between the two hands, you should feel like the centers of each of your palms and the fingertips of each hand are connected to their counterpart through an energy current. This position should be held for two to five minutes per day.


3. You may move on to Chinese ba ding balls (Figure 196). Take the balls in hand and try to rotate them using the palm of your hand and your fingers. The balls should make constant contact. If you hear the balls periodically hitting against one another, then the balls aren’t maintaining constant contact with each other. Next, practice rotating the balls while they are apart. The balls should rotate smoothly in the hand and never touch each other. Again, if you hear the balls hitting against one another, then your balls are coming into contact with one another. The manipulation of the two ball movements may take some practice before you get the hang of it.


4. Once you feel ready, you can also do the following exercises:

Balloon Hold

Arms Outward

Body Incline